Emerging themes for this year are listed below and projects will shift and develop during the Pop-Up, that’s the fun and the discovery. Our Carmen site has full descriptions and space for discussion and you can follow updates @accadatosu and on 

Future Companions: 

Physical Computing for Wellbeing, Assisted Living, Companionship, and Meaningful Social Connection

Research Leads: Alan Price (Design), Claire Melbourne (Dance) and others


Creative Facilitation:  

Fostering Wellbeing and Collaboration through Arts-Driven, Emergent Processes 

Research Leads: Rick Livingston (Comp Studies), Peter Chan (Design), Ben McCorkle (English) 


Art of Relevance: 

Participatory Performance, Design Fictions and Virtual Worlds for Meaningful Public Dialog 

Research Leads: Marc Ainger (Music) Alex Oliszewski (Theater), E. Scott Denison (Design), Skylar Wurster (Computer Science), Margaret Westby (Concordia) and others


VR and Forms of Care: 

Virtual Reality and Games for Wellbeing, Mindfulness and Compassionate Care 

Research Leads: Vita Berezina Blackburn (ACCAD), Alex Oliszewski (Theater), Kevin Bruggeman (Design), Susan Melsop (Design), Dreama Cleaver (Design), Laura Rodriguez (Dance), Elizabeth Speidel (Champion Intergenerational Center), Scott Swearingen (Design), Marientina Gotsis (USC, Games for Health), and others.


Our partnership with the Champion Intergenerational Center and the College of Nursing remains a resource and an opportunity for all themes. ACCAD’s Norah Zuniga Shaw, Matthew Lewis and Maria Palazzi as well as the Humane Tech Student Fellows and ACCAD GAs will move between and contribute to all projects and we encourage everyone to circulate throughout the week.