As part of the ongoing Humane Technologies investigation at ACCAD at Ohio State, guest artist Jennifer Monson presented a lecture the evening of April 11th, 2017. Monson also led an experiential "dawn walk" the same morning on the OSU Oval for thirty interdisciplinary participants. 


Monson’s attention to environmental phenomena incorporate Humane Technologies greater mission of sustainability. Her work is also deeply embedded in interdisciplinarity as her research “upholds a fundamental commitment to environmental sustainability as it relates to art and the urban context and cultivates cross-disciplinary research among the arts, environmental science, urban design, and other related fields.” Monson’s studies also look to reimagine humans relationship to the environment and the places they inhabit. 

Photo by Valerie Oliveiro

Photo by Valerie Oliveiro

Jennifer Monson is a choreographer, performer, and teacher. Since 1983, she has explored strategies in choreography, improvisation, and collaboration in experimental dance. Through multiyear creation processes, her works have investigated animal navigation and migration (BIRD BRAIN, 2000-2005), human impact on natural sites (iMAP/Ridgewood Reservoir, 2007), and communities in east-central Illinois dependent on the aquifer (Mahomet Aquifer Project, 2008-10). In 2004, Monson incorporated under the name iLAND (Interdisciplinary Laboratory for Art, Nature, and Dance), which explores choreographic, improvisational, and collaborative strategies in experimental dance. Monson is currently a professor of dance at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Marsh Professor at Large at the University of Vermont. Her current work-in-development is in tow, which investigates the nature of collaboration and experimentation across geographies and disciplines.