Humane technologies do no harm, they are creatively open-ended, socially connected and access the full multi-sensory capacities of human intelligence. Humane tech creates compassion and well-being, embraces complexity, enhances collaboration and is radically inclusive. With these humane working assumptions, the 2017 Humane Technologies Pop-up focuses on livability in the 21st century. 


From March 6- 10, 2017 ACCAD faculty, staff, GAs and many of our classes worked on creative projects in the working space of a hack-a-thon or a charrette the purpose of this week was to create a focused time outside our busy lives for creative collaborative action. Students from the environmental humanities and human rights research groups joined us as well as alumni guests who are taking time out from their work at google, Adobe and in their own design firms. All of our working spaces (the open collaboration rooms, SIM lab, Motion Lab, conference room...) were utilized in the sharing and documenting the prototypes and artworks and advancements made together.